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I like To Play Soccer A lot It Is  Fun, Exiting, And Energizing! You Should Play Soccer too!

The Finished Airport

See the source image

Yes I have finished my airport after 2 Years of dedication to the project! My team and I finished the airport today, we are going to be trying to make it a server but Minecraft, and Mojang aren’t as happy about this because it’s better than there servers I like to think BUT they said they’ll tell us on sun day and the server might be released in 2 sun days!

See the source image

So the final product for the airport looks Amazing here’s a sneak peak!

See the source image

That is just a one terminal I personally hope we can make it a public server!

– minecraft58 aka da god 🙂

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!Thank You!

my airport

in Minecraft I’ve been making a airport with a team of (masterbuilders) like me such as its coming together well and I have spent 50 hours over 5 months of time on it! we will make it into a server when we are done! we expect to be done in 6-8 months(and that’s not including planes and runways total time probably 9 and a half months!)! it’ll be cool to see what comes out as. so look for the server plane craft!